We all feel the once-craved and then quickly undesired heat just as bad as each other. 10 minutes of air-conditioned relief on the train commute to work is so incredibly valuable when it’s either that, or physical collapse. Maybe that’s a little dramatic, but when it’s suffocatingly hot and you’re not diving into the ocean any time soon, existing becomes a stage drama.

You have two options on such a stage. The first is to perform poorly to an unimpressed audience because you just can’t deal. The second is to take action – make clever choices to stay on top of your game, and potentially take in a standing ovation from the applauding crowd!

This is your quick guide on how to stay cool without sacrificing good style in the sweltering heat of the summer months. To kick it off here’s a clip from a very poignant moment in a cinematic classic called Crazy, Stupid, Love.

You want to be as Ryan-Gosling-in-Crazy, Stupid, Love.-as-possible.

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Summer heat is no excuse for ditching good style. Here are 10 ways to look stylish this summer and stay cool at the same damn time!

1. If it has to be a suit, it has to be linen.
The number one problem with summer work style is that it’s simply too hot to be wearing a suit, yet you have no real choice. Carrying your jacket when outside may not be an option, so the best solution is to invest in a linen suit. Your mainstream menswear publications push the linen suit style every summer season and for good reason. Linen is light, breathes exceptionally well, and looks great, wrinkles and all. A half-lined or unlined jacket will help to keep it as light and cool as possible.

linen suit stay cool in the hot summer menswear mens style

linen suit stay cool in the hot summer menswear mens style

2. Switch out your suit pants for complementary tailored shorts.
Some people are understandably a little uncomfortable being so fashion-forward wearing a true short suit. Finding a complementary pair of shorts to your lightweight sports jacket or linen suit jacket is a safe way to look good and still rather smart. More interested in actual short suits? Read more here.

shorts with suit jacket short suit tailored menswear mens street style looks for summer beat the heat

3. An open button-down shirt over a tee looks good and won’t add heat.
Although a very common and simple summer style, a light shirt left open over a tee uses layering to enhance the look but without being detrimental to your comfort. Loosely-cut crewneck tees, or shallow v-necks usually look best with an open collar thrown over the top. A fail-safe combo is a white tee with a denim shirt in place of a denim jacket.

mens street style menswear open button down collared shirt over white tee

4. Go sockless?
It’s a trend that has been going on for quite some time now. I personally am a big fan of the sockless look but the biggest downfall is that it can be uncomfortable, sweaty, and consequently rather smelly. To combat it, I’ve been wearing no-show socks for a couple of years. I began wearing Vans sneakers back in 2011, and insisted on the sockless look, but couldn’t bear the feel of having bare feet inside my shoes. No-show socks are the ideal solution. They just cover the sole of your foot and the tops of your toes. They refrain from adding heat, keep you comfortable inside your shoes, and no one knows that you have them on.

mens street style summer sockless no show socks

5. Avoid black.
It’s common knowledge that black absorbs heat, so don’t forget that when you’re dressing. You can really feel it when you make the mistake.

6. Rolled cuffs can look cool and keep you cool.
Another popular trend in mens style right now is the cuffed pants. Summer is a great time for it for obvious reasons, and a cuffed shirt sleeve instantly lifts the cool-factor. Whether you cuff both your pants and your shirt sleeves is your choice. I personally would avoid overdoing it.

mens fashion summer pitti uomo street beige blue hat clubmasters stay cool

7. Tuck in your tee.
Yes, a tee-shirt is a very casual option, but when wearing tailored shorts, pants, or nicer jeans, tucking in your tee will just look that little bit sharper. It’s an intentional style decision and people will certainly notice it, so make sure whatever you’re tucking your shirt into is worthy of the added attention.

how to stay cool in summer mens fashion menswear style tucked in white tee t-shirt

8. More linen.
Linen is your best friend. A linen shirt rolled up to the elbows should be a summer-day staple. Linen shirting has a slightly laid-back beachy look, so if you have to wear a suit to work, save linen for the suit itself and don’t get carried away with it.

menswear linen shirts stay cool this summer beat the heat

9. Think twice about wearing a hat.
Another piece of common knowledge is that body heat escapes through your extremities, particularly the top of your head. A hat can easily look cool, and is often associated with an individual’s personal style, but just remember it won’t be helping you deal with the heat. Having said that, protecting your face from the sun with a hat is important if you’re susceptible to burning, so make the choice that’s right for you.

menswear mens fashion hats summer pitti keep cool this summer beat the heat

10. Deodorise! But don’t smell like a teen.
More often than not, deodorants smell like the boys dorms at college, or worse, like a locker room. Everyone has a unique sense of smell so I understand it’s difficult to judge what is and isn’t a good fragrance. Just do your best when selecting a deodorant to avoid something that evokes any memories of your youth when you smell it. I’m looking at you Axe and Old Spice.
The solution is to either pay up for a designer label product like Burberry Brit with a mature and masculine scent, or you could just use an odourless product and top it off with a nice cologne.

captain jack sparrow you smell funny gif summer stay cool

A couple of last thoughts about summer style…

There’s something about summer that makes people think it’s okay to wear lots of bold, bright, primary colors. Sure there are certainly exceptions, but for the most part I think bright, solid colors look juvenile and frat bro-ish. If preppy is your style, that’s great! Just be careful not to lean too far into that WASPy sailor-or-golfer? territory by wearing a bright red polo shirt and tying a yellow sweater around your neck even though it’s so hot you’ll never actually wear it.

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How to Stay Cool and Look Cool at the Same Damn Time
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