And so it begins with a jaunt in Opening Ceremony in SoHo where I came across the classic white-on-white leather sneakers from Acne Studios. ‘Acne’ is not a word typically affiliated with something you want, however the ‘Acne’ as in Studios absolutely is. Enter the Adrian sneaker in white:

acne studios adrian white leather sneakers acne studios adrian white leather sneakers


When you hold them in your hands (or I suppose wear them on your feet, if you are so privileged) they feel like a very solid and well constructed $200 pair of shoes. Except that they’re $400. I’m not entirely versed on how $400 feels in polished leather form, but apparently this is it. I like it.

Given you’re not seeing photographs of myself wearing these on the streets in NY is a total giveaway that I didn’t buy them. I did, however, swiftly become obsessed with them, particularly after seeing how Marco was rocking his pair of similar white sneakers with a blue suit.

marco wearing blue suit with white sneakers leather striped knit tie white shirt and chainI walked out of Opening Ceremony having taken a photo of the Adrian sneakers on my phone so I would remember to go Googling  to find myself something similar at a price attainable by mere earthling. Here are the results.

Stepping down just a notch is this pair from designer Erik Schedin sitting at around $240. They’re still at the steep end but would have the quality to compare. erik schedin white leather sneakers similar to acne studios adrian sneaker shoe

Mr Kent Wang kindly produces these puppies for just $95US, which is excellent. They are not quite so sleek and clean-cut as the Acne Adrian sneakers, but they share the same shape. white leather sneakers similar to acne studios adrian sneakers from kent wang cheaper

The other option I was pleasantly surprised to stumble across today was from H&M. I was visiting the new flagship store on Fifth Avenue and to my surprise these were sitting right on the shelf as a walked in to the mens floor.

H&M sneakers white leather similar to acne adrians

At $59.95 I think they’re a steal for 100% genuine leather upper with a rubber sole. I don’t suppose they will last nearly as long as the pricier offerings, but you could buy two pairs and keep one pair clean in the cupboard for suit days.

white sneakers acne adrian with black skinny jeans and suit jacket peacoat

One more option! These shoes from Nike x Stefan Janoski are a different style and more skater, but I really dig them. The classic style is unfortunately canvas, although they do make a leather pair with a perforated upper. The retro velcro straps edition on the other hand is all leather. Are you into it?



The White Leather Sneaker Hunt
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