Alright I have another quick product overview for you. This time I purchased a shirt from Charles Tyrwhitt – a primarily mens suiting and shirting label. They seem to have a lot of hard-copy advertising going around at the moment around Australia. I have seen their brochure in two or three different places in the past month or two. One came in a box of wine. Another fell out of the local daily newspaper. And I saw one on the street in the city, which I took as the final sign I should buy one. It looks like each of those brochures was also offering a sale – selling shirts at half price or lower, and with free shipping. I’m always sucked in by free shipping.

I placed my order for a Blue Wide Herringbone Non-Iron Extra Slim Fit Shirt. It took me a while to work out my measurements. I had about 30 tabs open at once comparing different brands of shirts I own to measurements on their various charts and finally to the chart on the Charles Tyrwhitt website. I settled on a size which thankfully turned out alright, although the sleeves are far too long. I’ll get on to the fit shortly. One thing I appreciate is the sizes of both the sleeve and collar are printed on the label, so I can see roughly what size I am easily next time.

charles tyrwhitt custom business shirt quality review

I didn’t know whether to choose the “slim fit” or the “extra slim fit”. Typically in brands like Calvin Klein, Herringbone, Baubridge & Kay, even Van Heusen, I will wear a “slim fit” or “tailored fit”. I looked at measurement charts over and over and in the end bought the extra slim fit. I am really glad I did. Charles Tyrwhitt shirts are large fits. Very large. There is still a lot of “extra” fabric in my “extra” slim fitting shirt, and I’m not that lean. I find Van Heusen’s slim fits to be a touch too slim for me because it touches my belly and that’s just awful. However, the extra slim fit from Charles Tyrwhitt isn’t quite as big as the European Fit from Van Heusen so it’s not billowing. If you normally wear slim fits I suggest you buy the extra slim fit from CT. I imagine the classic fit would be a fine fit for guys who have a strong relationship with beer and couches.

charles tyrwhitt custom business shirt quality review

charles tyrwhitt custom business shirt quality review

charles tyrwhitt custom business shirt quality review

I opted for double cuffs to wear with cuff links, and I really love the style of the cutaway collar. It is a really decent cutaway collar, as opposed to some brands with weak-ass attempts at cutaways.  There are no upper pleats on the shirt, however there are darts pleats in the middle of the shirt to keep the shape. The blue herringbone looks great and has the low sheen typical of fine cotton herringbone weaves.l

So are Charles Tyrwhitt shirts good quality? At this stage I can’t confirm yes or no. From what I can tell so far it is really nice fabric and there are barely any stray threads hanging around. The buttons feel solid and the button holes appear to be quite well sewn in the well constructed placket. There are brass collar-stays included, which can easily be removed for washing. (Don’t forget to remove them or you might end up with brown stains on the collar!)

There is no button on the sleeve placket, which leaves a gaping hole in the sleeve as you raise your arms, bending at the elbow. Although, as it is a double-cuff I suppose not having a button there is fine, although I’d prefer one, particularly because these sleeves are already way too long.

When buying online, CT shirts can be optioned with a breast pocket and/or monograms for small additional fees.

CT Shirt-6

CT Shirt-8

CT Shirt-7

CT Shirt-9

CT Shirt-12

CT Shirt-11


I also ordered a Casual Shirt at the same time for my dad. He chose the Raspberry Gingham Check Non-Iron Slim Fit Shirt. Again, the slim fit is really not slim at all, and my dad falls in the beer-belly category. (Sorry Dad!) He would usual wear an extra large of many Australian brands, however for this shirt he went with the Large size, and it’s still too large. The length works because he can easily tuck it in, however there’s a fair amount of extra fabric around his body, and the upper sleeves are pretty baggy for anyone packing wings.

Sizing aside, both the business and casual shirts from Charles Tyrwhitt are really nice. Like I did with the Marcella shirt review, I’ll try to update this in the future with my final thoughts after having worn it and washed it a few times. And incase you were wondering, the shipping time was very quick, about a week, and it appears they came from a local supply warehouse in Australia.

Thanks for reading. Hopefully this was helpful for you. If you like you can follow my Instagram.


Review: Charles Tyrwhitt Business Shirt – ‘Extra Slim Fit’?
  • adf

    The problem is the enormous sleeve barrel. I also got several extra slim fit shirts, and just like your pictures show, the sleeve barrels are disproportionately large relative to the slim torso. Complete deal breakers for me.

    • You’re absolutely right – the barrel is huge. I could fit two of my forearms in each sleeve. Thanks for bringing attention to that!

  • Roger D. Ruth

    I don’t like how the collar tips curl. You have a photo showing this. This is my only hang up the CT shirts, they all do it.

    • midwaybears

      The same thing happens to me with my CT shirts, never happens to me with BB shirts.

  • patterguy

    I have bought 8 of these shirts over the last several years and, while i was happy with them at first, i have found the quality of construction especially around the collar area to be poor in my opinion. i have now thrown out 3 of the shirts that i purchased due to collar fraying and it isn’t my cleaners as I have used these cleaners for all my shirts. I have custom shirts that continue to perform amazingly after 5 years as I have a lot of shirts and don’t wear them continuously.

    If you are looking for a shirt that might last 7- 10 washings then this is worth a try and plan on throwing out. if you are interested in a shirt that will last 2-5+ years, spend for better quality elsewhere or online.

    btw, I have raised the issue with the company in an email recently and they thanked me for my input and will share it internally. I can’t believe I am the first to have raised this issue.

    Poor quality

  • Amanda Key

    Only worth the promotion price of $29.99 they are not worth regular price. Returns on a sale item? Forget it. Customer service also is nothing to write home about. I ordered three shirts but will not ever again. I can get the same quality at a department store.

  • Jedrick

    I purchased two shirts in November 2014. Within five months the stitching where the back meets the yoke on one of the shirts had spit. I returned the shirt for a replacement. Now, eight months after first purchase, the stitching in the same place has split on the replacement shirt and on the other shirt from the first purchase. The fabric and the cut were great. The overall quality means I would never buy another Tyrwhitt shirt again.

  • Renzo

    I’d agree that the sleeve barrel is far too large on their shirts. I have about twelve of their shirts and wear five business shirts every week with cuff links and to date they have all performed well – no issues with collars or fraying at all. Like other comments the slim fit shirts are too generous to be slim fit (although it does make one feel good….) lately my biggest gripe with them is their so called special offers, $15 off or free delivery etc as long as you spend $75, well just after I’ve purchased four shirts provided feed back via fifo I’d expect a genuine offer not one with a condition attached. Thanks.

  • Brisneyland Local

    I have about 15 CT shirts. Being over 6’8″ tall shirts are a real problem for me.
    But their tailoring is very good and can get them to fit well. The only complaint I have is that on my watch hand the cuffs have rubbed on my watch and have worn a little, in comparison to the other hand.
    But other than that I am very happy with them. They are value for money. Even if I only get a year out of them, at $30-40 per shirt that is great. For branded shirts from Departments stores to fit me I am paying $120 plus.

  • Scott

    I have bought about 8 CT shirts over the last couple of years. I get the extra slim fit as well. At work I dictate with my left arm flexed, which must put too much pressure on the left elbow. I only have 3 of the shirts left because all the others have developed a hole in the exact same location of that left elbow.

    I sent the shirts back to CT and they agreed that one, which was still within the 6-month guarantee, was due to a fabric weakness but that the others are “general wear and tear.” I don’t think that is the case at all since I have dress shirts from high school (over 18 years ago) that I wear just as often and are still fine.

    I’m thinking about lengthening the sleeves and trying one more of their shirts. As much as I like the fit, feel, and look of the CT extra slim shirts, I don’t like not knowing when they may have a hole develop at the elbow. The final straw was when I packed a dress shirt for an interview (my only shirt I brought along) and didn’t notice the hole in the elbow until I was getting changed in the morning. Fortunately I just kept my suit coat on all day and it worked out.

    Any other people with quality complaints in the elbow?


    • jrasero

      No issues. What other company gives you 6 months for a return though defective or not?

  • Thanks for the review. I’m sitting here in Ireland with their catalogue. As a very slim, very small guy I’d be lost in one of these, big help!

  • jrasero

    I have mistakenly bought Brooks Brothers slim fit shirts all my life 14.5″ 32/33 since that was the smallest size I could find most of the time. BB does make a extra slim fit 32″ but those never went on sale and I never could find them.

    About a year ago and a few coworkers started buying some shirts so I decided to try CT as well. I was told to defiantly get the extra slim since the slim fit wore like a traditional fit. I bought 6 shirts for $215 w/ shipping. The shirts were originally purchased in ESF 14.5″ 32″. I got the shirts in 5-7 business days via USPS. I tried on the ESF 14.5″ and compared to a BB slim fit 14.5″ the collar, waist, and chest was extremely tight. I guess I could have worn them but they would have been skin tight. I went to my local CT store in NYC and got fitted and was told to size up to the 15″ ESF 32″ and that made all the difference. A perfect fit? No but leagues above the baggy Brooks Brother slim fit I was wearing. The 6 shirts were returned and the new ones re-ordered and I was given an additional 20% because it was black Friday weekend. Making my 6 shirts roughly $27 each

    Now I solely buy CT shirts for the fit, style, price, and convenience. In the states they sometimes do 3 shirts for $99 but most often you will see 4 for $200. They always have some kind of additional 10%-20% extra off or free shipping for coupons so look out for that. One hack with the GBP being so low at the moment is buying from the UK site where they offer 4 shirts for 99 GBP. Just bought 4 shirts, got 10% off and with shipping the total came to $130. That’s $32 per shirt!

    I have noticed there is some variance in the shirts. Some styles or maybe batches have bigger collars (classic collar). Also while I consistently order a 32″ sleeve some styles have slightly bigger sleeves, not hugely different though. Overall the quality of the shirts is up there Brooks Brothers but the kicker is you have up to 6 months to return/exchange your items. Not 30, 60, 90 days but half a year. Even the president of the company has stated whether you don’t like the item, it fall apart, or you spill wine on it you can return the item.

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