Here goes another Paste-Up! article where I pull together some related things from the internet I found over the week, and attempt to relate them to menswear and not care if it doesn’t. It has been a while but no fear – Paul Rudd is here!

Generally when it comes to Funny or Die, I’d rather die. However today is not the day, as here we have a F or D case which features the “delightful, adorable and charming” Paul Rudd. Please enjoy:

I know it’s hard not to be distracted by Billy’s flaming hot pink tee but for now we’re going to ignore it, and concentrate on the main attraction: Paul Rudd’s brown shirt.

How can we help Paul Rudd? Find him a new brown shirt? How about one of these?

We are shopping for Paul Rudd so we have a decent budget. Does this Hardy Amies shirt from Mr Porter cut it?brown forest green hardy amies collared button down shirt


Are we pushing it? How about the Dillon Shirt by The Academy Brand?

dillon shirt academy brand brown dark green forest button down collar


Still too pricey? *whispers* asosssssss


Billy also does a segment on Funny or Die called She Clucks or She Sucks – but I wouldn’t put you through it.

Speaking of comedy sketches and handsome men like ourselves, have you seen Jimmy Kimmel’s Handsome Men’s Club? If not, you are truly missing out… clearly not invited… and also you’re welcome:


Thank you gents and See You Next Time.



Paste-Up! Issue 004 – Paul Rudd & The Handsome Men’s Club
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