Oh puns.

Moving on.

What are your thoughts? I think I dig them, but at the same time it’s not often I see one I like enough that I would long for it. It must feel weird having so much easy breezy beautiful lack-of-cover on your legs. Below is a small selection of examples I’ve harvested from the googlesphere with looks I think could be pulled off, even out of fashion-week and runway-show contexts.

Let’s be honest, looking like Zac Efron doesn’t hurt..  but it’s still easy for them to suck so you’ve got to know what you’re doing when you put one on. You know that feeling of not knowing if something suits you because your eyes are numb to it? Familiar? For myself it’s like looking at a series of photographs after a long shoot, where each one is slightly different and it’s hard to spot the diamond out of the bunch.

Would you do the short suit thing? Just tailored shorts and a sports jacket perhaps, rather than a matching two-piece suit?

Ponder the short suit while you listen to Aloe Blacc share facts about life:

Alternatively, re-read this and play ‘spot-the-pun’. It’s a great game I would highly recommend it and it will take up only a short amount of your time. Post your results in the comments below? Or don’t. Suit yourself.

Longing for a Short Suit
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