It wasn’t until the last couple of years when I realised if I buy sunglasses that cost more than breakfast, they’re likely to not get trodden on because I actually do care about them. Upon purchasing some real sunglasses I also discovered that you’re not meant to be able to see the reflection of your own eyeball in the lenses, and the sunlight shouldn’t refract through the lenses consequently blinding you as the afternoon sun hits.

And so here I am a mere 2 years later, and a proud owner of matte black Ray Ban Wayfarers, and some barely worn tortoise brown Lacoste sunnies.

In this time I’ve quickly discovered that I just simply can’t pull off Aviators. No matter who makes them, or what colour they are, or even if they’re a slightly unique shape – I just can’t do Aviators. And they usually look good on everybody. Fastforward to present time and I’ve realised big bulb-like fruit-shaped lenses just don’t work with this face I’ve been blessed/cursed with. Instead I’m stuck with either sharper and narrower shaped frames like the Wayfarers every second guy owns, or searching for more rounded styles and just seeing how it goes.

Enter Persol PO 3028S.  I desire them. They fold up to fit inside the chest pocket of your shirt. I’m digging that. Folding sunglasses are kitsch-cool.

mens sunglasses 2013 new cool style

Next up: PO 3047S.  These guys fall under the new styles Persol are calling ‘Reflex Edition’. They’re apparently inspired by vintage photography equipment. Whatever man, I just like them. 

and finally here is PO 2422SJ. They’re clearly very circular which is popping up more and more recently. I have 0 clues how they will look on me, so for now I’m just going to add them to my imaginary cart of things I want but can’t have.

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. Good luck with Monday.


Attire Desire of the Week: Persol Shades
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