It was one of those weekend days where you don’t really have a plan, rather you’re just going to jump in the car with a couple of friends and see where the day takes you. It turns out there’s a great spot at the end of a nature trail just a few minutes up the beaches where there’s a small waterfall. We packed our camera gear in the boot and headed out.

canon camera gear bag backpack open

Today I threw on a few bits and pieces before realising I didn’t have a jacket that was quite going to work. I stuck to my guns in a very blue, striped windbreaker from ECKO UNLTD. I certainly felt a bit blue’d out, but I rocked it with an equally loud hat just to make it look like I was confident in the fit. As long as the colours are contrasting but not swinging too far off one tone, then you can get away with it.


Under the light parka is a plain black tee. On the bottom half I’m wearing Dickies Double Knee Skinny Straight Fit twill pants in navy. They’re bloody expensive in Australia it’s absurd (~$75). I purchased them online shipped from an American eBay store to save some cash. They’re honestly the best fitting casual chinos I’ve found in a long time (aside from the older Topman chinos from my previous ‘Today’s Fit’ post). I threw on the old Vans Authentics because what the hell else is a guy supposed to wear on the weekend? The hat is by Only New York – one of my favourite urban clothing labels.


I snapped a few pics on my favourite Canon FTb film SLR and a few more on the digital. If you want to see some more of my photographs you can check out my online photography portfolio at

warriewood waterfalls waterfall nature photography landscape

Let’s hang again sometime? Instagram is my main chick.

Today’s Fit
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