Incase the title of this article didn’t really get it across – today we’re talking about specifically blue double-breasted (or ‘DB’ in the fashion-wanker world) power-blazers and suits. What makes it a ‘power blazer’ you ask? I’ll tell you!

1. The right blue. Navy blue can be really muted and dull, so the blue it is that I am looking for is somewhat dark, but still strong and vibrant. Blue is a great colour for working with too. Combine it with brown leather brogues, a brown belt, and you’re golden. Navy + Brown is always a good idea.

2. Double breasted – and preferably with gold buttons. Go hard or go home. DB jackets can have quite an effect on your body shape and silhouette. If you’re tall and medium build, these were made for you. For any shawtys shorties, it might make you look wider, so keep it slim fitting. ALWAYS have it tailored.

3. A true tailored fit that looks slim and structured, ie. not hailing from Boogie Nights.

4. Peaked lapels that say “Phase 4: Fk-yeah-mother-fk’er!”

5. A price tag that doesn’t require illegal selling of expendable organs on the black market. This blazer is going to make you money. It is an investment that will pay for itself.

And so begins the scouring of the internet. Check these looks out:

double breasted db blue navy blazer suit jacket buttons street menswear

[Images Sourced from: The Sartorialist, FashionBlogInc, Less Gentlemen, Isaac Likes]

blue navy double breasted db suit jacket blazer

[Image Source: Trashness]

navy blue double breasted suit jacket blazer

[Image Source: The Bespoke Dudes]

Now comes the part where I spend too much time online looking for blue double breasted jackets on online menswear stores. Unfortunately when it comes to off-the-rack suit purchases, it often involves desire sacrifices like the f-y-m-f  lapels, or the gold buttons. Here are the results:

First up is this “Soho Blue Plain” linen jacket from Suit Supply (product #C552) @ $399 or ~£180. It’s an honorary attire desire for this week. It satisfies all requirements 1 through 5, gold buttons aside. This is probably my favourite item in Suit Supply’s catalogue. Let’s hope it stays around.

suit supply blue plain soho image double breasted db blazer suit jacket menswear

Secondly is this ASOS Slim Fit Double Breasted Blazer which is pushing it’s luck for requirements numbers 1 and 4. It isn’t exactly vibrant blue and nor are the peaked lapels very f-y-m-f. However, the jacket looks great anyway so it’s earning a spot here. Oh and a ~$100 price tag is courteously allowing you to hold on to all your organs. (Are the white buttons a bit penguin-y?)

asos slim fit navy blue blazer double breasted db contrast buttons suit jacket menswear

Not blue enough? Problem solved:

mens double breasted blue blazer suit jacket gold buttons

This winner is from Eleventy. Item ID:10337099 and you can purchase it from for a breezy $240 (£144) on sale, or if you’re unlucky it “retails” at $396 (£238).

Quick tip: don’t have any brown leather accessories? Pair one of these blue blazers with some black hi-shine loafers like the ones I featured in last week’s Attire Desire of the Week, and you’ll be ready to hit the dance floor. And by ‘dance floor’ I mean the office and/or street. Dancing is optional.

Warning: Power-suits may cause over-falsity of confidence. Continue to assess that the girl (or guy) at the bar is also an 8 before approaching. You may occasionally grant yourself one extra number while wearing the db power-blazer.

Thanks for dropping by. If you have any comments or questions or want to share a link to your favourite blue double-breasted suit or blazer, leave something below – you don’t have to sign up to comment!

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The Double-Breasted Blue Power-Blazer
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  • I can send you to my tailor, buddy! Get one made exactly how you want!

    • That definitely sounds like something I should do. Shoot an email this way:

    • Sam

      How can I get intouch with your tailor as I need one with gold buttons, just like the last one and I reside in the UK. Thanks.

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