No matter what season it is, beer always seems to be on the menu. It’s so refreshing as the first drink for the night, and if you’re doing rounds, it’s the safest thing to order for everyone. However, when I’m out at a bar and I’m already 3 beers deep I start to feel a bit full, especially after a meal, and let’s be honest – I’m not finished drinking. It’s time to make the swap over to spirits. Although my go-to alcohol is gin, I’m often wishing I had a couple of different fresh and simple mixed drinks that I know a bar tender can make, that I know I’ll enjoy, and that won’t leave me asking for a “whatever you’re having”. I’ve been chatting with Mandi at Party Rehab, a popular party blog geared towards bar tending, drink recipes, and liquor reviews. With the help of her blog, I’ve put together three simple drinks that you might like to try next time you’re out and thirsty. The first two are a twist on some traditional mixes.

The Dark ‘n’ Stormy

dark n stormy rum based cocktail classic drink
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This is one of my recent favourites. I discovered this one when a good mate of mine ordered them at a local rooftop rum & cider bar down by the beach. I’ve changed the traditional ingredients up a little because I like it somewhat less “dark”, and often at a bar they won’t have the exact ingredients for a “real” Dark ‘n’ Stormy. Because this drink is so refreshing, start with a glass full with ice. Drop in 1 or 2 shots of Spiced Rum. I like to use Sailor Jerry’s, however this drink is traditionally made with Gosling’s Black Seal Rum which is dark, rather than spiced. Try both and see what you prefer. Next top your glass up with ginger ale, or you can use ginger beer if you want to keep it orthodox. Finally take half a fresh lime, half it again and squeeze both quarters into the glass and drop the rinds in.
This Less-Dark ‘n’ Still Stormy is very fresh tasting, and surprisingly light on each of it’s balanced flavours.

The Tom Collins 

tom collins gin based cocktail classic
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If gin is your jam, then Tom Collins is your man. *cringes*

This easy and zingy drink is made firstly by shaking up 2 parts London dry gin – try Tanqueray, with one part lemon juice, and a splash of sugar syrup with some ice. Strain the liquid into a glass over more ice, and top her up with soda water. To finish up, add a cherry and a slice of lemon. If you’re feeling something a little more southside, just substitute the lemon juice for smashed up mint leaves, and garnish with mint for an even fresher taste.

The Old Fashioned

old fashioned cocktail classic drink
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If you have already sorted yourself out with a Mad Men inspired look, it’s time to complete your channeling of Don Draper with an Old Fashioned. The drink is traditionally constructed by firstly muddling (smashing together) a sugar cube with Angostura bitters and a splash of water in the bottom of a short glass. Next, toss in an ounce or two of bourbon whiskey, top her up with soda and garnish with a citrus peel – perhaps orange? We’ll keep to this classic recipe because you can’t really make an “Old Fashioned” new, can you?

Had Enough Beer, But Not Enough Booze?
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